Fans are encouraged to bring as little as possible to speed up entry into the PNC Park, leaving all non-essential items at home or in their cars. When going through the walk-through metal detectors, guests are asked to remove only cell phones, cameras, tablets, laptops and other large metal objects. Jackets, belts, coins, keys, wallets, watches, and other small objects do not need to be removed.

Guests are permitted one bag each. These must be sized 16x16x8-inch or less, and will be subject to search upon entry. For those not carrying a bag, an express entry lane is available, so avoiding bringing one is recommended for faster access to the venue.

Bottled water, children’s juice cartons and medically necessary items are permitted, but bottles must be clear and 24 ounces or under.

Prohibited items include alcoholic beverages, carbonated beverages, cans, glass bottles, thermoses balls, balloons, frisbees, laser pointers, fireworks or explosives, and weapons of any description.

Most importantly: Be respectful and mindful of those around you and don’t forget to enjoy the show!

For more a brief background on PNC Park and for more information, please check out the PNC Park information page.