Please note that all information given here may change without notice. Please check directly with PNC Park for updated info when booking any event.

How big is PNC Park?

PNC Park has a playing area of 96,750 square feet, with stadium seating for 38,362.

What is the address of PNC Park?

115 Federal Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15212.

What types of events are held at PNC Park?

PNC Park is primarily dedicated to baseball games, but also hosts big name concerts and other sponsored events like Upper Deck Golf.

Is there an age limit for attending events at PNC Park?

There’s not usually an age restriction, unless a performance is deemed unsuitable for children.

Do you need an ID to get into PNC Park?

No, as long as you have a valid ticket. However, you may need to show a valid ID if you’re purchasing alcoholic beverages.

What food and drink options are available at PNC Park?

PNC Park is amply provided with eateries, where you can get everything from traditional baseball fare to BBQ, sushi and seafood. New technology allows you to order from several outlets at once, so you won’t have to be standing on different lines.

What is the parking situation around PNC Park?

Parking is in high demand around PNC Park, but there are several designated car
parks and easy access on foot or by public transport. Check out our Parking page for more details.

Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

Yes. It also offers all ADA required facilities, including elevators.

Can I bring a bag or backpack into PNC Park?

You can bring one bag of any style into PNC, provided that it’s soft-sided and no larger than 16” x 16” x 8”. All bags are subject to search. Some bags are allowed for essential medical or childcare items. Please see our Rules page for more detailed information.

Are there any prohibited items?

Yes. PNC Park doesn’t permit any items considered dangerous, illegal or offensive. That includes weapons, drugs, recording equipment, noise-makers, and more. Please check our Rules page for more details.

What time do gates open before an event?

PNC Park stadium gates open 90 minutes before an event begins. Bars and other facilities may open earlier for pre-concert drinks and food.

How can I buy tickets for a PNC Park event?

We recommend purchasing your tickets with our authorized ticket provider, Ticket Squeeze. Check out our Ticket Information page for more details.

How long has PNC Park been in Pittsburgh?

PNC Park opened in 2001.