PNC Park Information

The construction of the PNC Park was put forward by Pittsburgh’s major of 991, Sophie Masloff, as a replacement for their previous venue, the Three Rivers Stadium, which had been constructed due to the need for a venue, without a view to aesthetic design or accessibility. Visitors were often unhappy about the stadium’s location being in a part of the city that was difficult to gain access to, resulting in high levels of traffic and congestion. After entrepreneur Kevin McClatchy purchased the team in 1996, the possibility of a new venue became real. After much discussion as to the new location, the The “North Side site” was selected due to its relatively cheap cost, extra development potential, and the unique opportunity for the designers to incorporate the Pittsburgh skyline into the design of the stadium.

Populous, well-known as one of the best baseball park designers in the nation, were hired to design the venue in the style of other “classic,” ballparks such as Forbes Field and Fenway Park. PNC is a two-deck ballpark, the first of its kind to be constructed in the US since 1953. Steve Greenberg, the Pirates’ vice-president, said; “We said when construction began that we would build the best ballpark in baseball, and we believe we’ve done that.”

PNC Financial Services purchased the stadium’s naming rights in August 1998, paying the Pirates $2 million every year.

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About PNC Park

The new PNC Park riverfront facility was designed as a reflection of the traditional ballpark’s best features. To this was added the latest in comfort and amenities for both fans and players. The steel and limestone construction contains a playing surface of natural grass, surrounded by graceful arches that offer a fine view of the downtown skyline.

The functional areas are complemented by a wide range of food outlets, called the Tastes of Pittsburgh concourse, plus the River Walk facilities and outfield BBQ and snack eats. You’ll find several bars, a rooftop area and a picnic park, as well as a children’s play area and lots more. There are also retail outlets around Federal Street, including the PNC Bank and the Pirates Clubhouse Store.

PNC Park History

Just to the west of PNC Park is the site of its 1970s predecessor, Three Rivers Stadium. This was demolished in 2001, as it offered plenty of bad seats and no distracting skyline views. Plus, the Pirates had to share the venue with the Pittsburgh Steelers NFL team.

When the landscape of professional baseball began changing, the Pirates’ owners began to look towards a new ballpark, to provide their team with extra revenues from sources like sponsorship and live events. PNC Park opened in spring 2001 as the new home for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The city of Pittsburgh had decided in 1991 to replace the more functional but less attractive Three Rivers Stadium with this classic-style ballpark. It would be easier to access and more aesthetic in design. Architects looked back to early ballpark originals like Boston’s Fenway Park and Wrigley Field in Chicago to produce the new design.

Past performers at PNC Park include Ed Sheeran, Luke Bryan, Motley Crue, Joan Jett, Metallica and Snow Patrol. After Bruce Springsteen opened up the concert horizon in 2003, he was followed by The Rolling Stones, Jimmy Buffet, Styx, Collective Soul, Foreigner, Pearl Jam and many more, such as the Steve Miller Band, Flo Rida and Huey Lewis And The News.

PNC Park Sound System

In 2023, PNC Park introduced a new and larger high-def video board display, to give greater resolution and brightness to the screen action. They also upgraded the in-park sound system to provide crisper and more consistent audio coverage throughout the ballpark. This means that concerts offer the best sound reproduction for all audience members, no matter where you’re sitting.

Who owns PNC Park?

PNC Park is owned by the Sports & Exhibition Authority of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County.