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PNC Park Seating Chart sports

PNC Park Concret Seating Chart

PNC Park Seating Chart concert

PNC Park Seating Information

PNC Park in Pittsburgh, PA, has a capacity of 38,362 seats, with standing room sometimes available. There are two tiers of stadium seating, with luxury suites tucked in beneath the upper tier. The main concourse is above the bleachers in the outfield, and is served by elevators, stairs and the easily navigated rotunda ramps. Lower level concourses are open to the game action and the surrounding River Walk views.

All seats in PNC Park except those in the bleachers have a view of the downtown skyline. Its classic design provides PNC Park with great game views too, as the stadium seats are all angled toward the field. Aisles are lowered to improve the sight lines, and the closest seats are a mere 45 feet from the bases.

The seats at PNC Park are divided into sections 1 to 333. Each tier starts over at 1, so that field level sections go from 1 to 32, and from sections 101 to 147. The bleacher seats consist of small sections beneath the scoreboard, numbered 133 to 138 and 235 to 238. The grandstand level seats comprise sections 301 to 333, with variable numbers of rows.

Rows are lettered upwards from A, excluding any Row I, and are of variable depth. For instance, sections 1 to 32 go mostly from A to M, while sections 101 to 147 start with Rows A to Z, then go on to Rows AA to HH. Some double-lettered Rows in these sections are sheltered by the second level overhang.

PNC Park seats are numbered from #1, going right to left as you face the field. This follows standard seat number logic for stadium and concert venues, where seat #1 in a section will always be nearest to the highest seat number in the lower numbered section next to it. For instance, seat #1 in section 111 will be next to the highest numbered seat in section 110.

Disabled and ADA Seating

You’ll find wheelchair accessible seating throughout PNC Park, on all levels. There are also ADA accessible restrooms and elevators, plus assisted listening devices and noise canceling headphones.

Seating Options

With its classic design, PNC park offers some of the best views of any baseball park in the world. The seats are angled toward the field, with lowered aisles to give vastly improved sightlines of the action. 26,000 are on the first level, with the the stadium’s highest seat at 88 feet above the playing surface. The closest seats near the baselines are just 45 feet from the bases, giving these guests an experience as in among the action as possible.  

PBC Seats

Pittsburgh Baseball Club (PBC) seats form sections 207 to 228 under the upper level, in Rows A to K. The first three rows will cost a bit more than the rear ones. Seats in these sections are wider and more comfortable, with extra leg room. PBC ticket holders will also get upscale food and beverages, best views of the field and private patios. In addition, you’ll have access to three clubs with private bars, flat-screen HDTV and pool tables, plus priority on line for concessions and restrooms.

PNC Park Upper Level Seats

The Grandstand and Upper Grandstand sections are located behind the Club seating on the upper tier, except where space is required to accommodate press boxes. You’ll be 88 feet or less from the field on the upper level, but the seat prices are relatively cheap, especially in the Upper Outfield Grandstand. The views from some of these seats may be obstructed by glass stairway landings. Visitors recommend not choosing third base side seats with low numbers in Rows H to K, or first base side seats with high numbers in the same rows.

Luxury Suites

PNC Park luxury suites hold about 15 people and offer a full-service bar and catering options. They’re provided with WiFi, TV screens and a private restroom.

World Series Suites

These suites cater for groups of up to 100, and offer a better view of the Pittsburgh skyline. They’re named for Pirates championship years, with seats in outfield suites costing less than those in suites closer to home plate.

Tickets in World Series and Luxury Suites include VIP parking passes, Wi-Fi and access to the PBC Club.

Club Cambria/Real Azul VIP Lounge

PNC Park’s Club Cambria is located beneath section 225 on the suite level. Real Azul VIP Lounge is on the Suite Level on the third base side. At these facilities, you’ll get access for 52/55 people to a climate-controlled club equipped with private bars, lounge and dining areas and flat-screen HDTVs. Also included is a private entrance, indoor and outdoor seating, all-inclusive food and soft drinks.

Home Plate Club Seats

Home Plate Club seats at PNC Park are for season ticket holders or bought as a season package. They’re divided into six sections, and are the most expensive. You’ll pay the most for the front Row A seats, slightly less for Rows B-J, and least for Rows K-M. All seats in this section are wide and comfortably padded.

Benefits that go with Home Plate Club seats include in-seat service with a top quality buffet, a private entrance and access to the Home Plate Club and other exclusive PNC Park clubs. These clubs have full service bars, pool tables, arcade games and outdoor patios. All clubs have a lounge with TVs for watching the live action or show.

Best seats at PNC Park

The best seats at PNC Park for a baseball game are surrounding the infield and behind the plate, in sections 9-24 and 109-124. You’ll pay for the privilege, and if you can’t afford these, the seats near the foul poles are another possibility. Since the venue is small by stadium standards, there aren’t really any bad seats. You get a great scenic view from everywhere except the bleachers.

That said, seats on the outer fringes of the stadium provide awkward viewing angles, particularly in sections ending 1 to 7 and 28 to 32. If you’re looking for a bargain, go for the outfield seating areas, which skip the skyline and are far from the action.

However, when you’re going to see a band, the stage will probably be set up in the outfield, opposite home plate. Temporary seats may be situated in front of the stage, or the whole area up to second base given over to general admission tickets with standing/dancing room. This means that pretty much everyone will get a good view of the stage, except those seated behind or side on to home plate. If that’s your case, the JumboTron video screens will help keep you in the picture!

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